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Akubra Cattleman Fur Felt Hat

Australian Made - Worn The World Over.


The official hat of the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame,the Cattleman is a proven design for extended wear in unforgiving conditions. A style in the tradition of the Australian stockman. Brim has bound edge. Double kangaroo plait hatband with brass fitting.

Whether you're chasing cows, brookies, or just wild country solitude,this hat will be a practical -- yet stylish -- companion.Akubra's legendary 100% fur felt construction is lightweight, yet extremely durable and water-repellent. The wide 3 1/4" bound-edge brim is flat on the sides and downturned in front and back --the best shape for shedding a driving rain and shading the face, ears, and neck from a brutal sun.

An Akubra is more than just a hat-it's an Australian icon.Akubra takes great pride in the materials, workmanship, fine styling and quality of their hats.

These hats are genuine Akubras, made in Australia and built for durability. Australians spend a lot of time outdoors. To protect themselves from the harsh sunlight they wear hats as a matter of course, and they expect their hats to last. Australians give hats rough treatment - fan the fire, water the dog, or gather the chooks' eggs, an Akubra is expected to handle it all, day in day out, year in year out. You can wear your Akubra with confidence, knowing it's quality and style are top-notch.


  • Imperial Quality
  • A style in the tradition of the Australian stockman
  • Made from Akubra's Imperial Quality pure fur felt
  • the hat has a double ornamental band with brass fittings
  • Reeded roan leather sweatband.
  • Made in Australia
  • Water Resistant